Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Erfdenisdag Trekkerrit en Braai (Ceres Koue Bokkeveld)

Op 24 September 2014 is die jaarlikse trekkerrit en braai op Prince Alfred's Hamlet gehou.
14 Trekkers het deelgeneem, vier met dames agter die stuur.  Ons jeug lede was ook goed verteenwoordig.

 Gereed om te vertrek

 Die grootste trekker in die konvooi, met 'n dame agter die stuur!

Ons vergaderplek!

 Ons verskaffer vir Braaidag :-)  (Oom Hennie Geldenhuys is darem 'n lid ook)

Op pad deur die dorp

'n Waterpyp het gebars - dit is vinnig herstel en die Massey Harris het weer saamgery op die tweede deel van die roete.

Hoe rooier hoe mooier

Daar voor is darem twee groenes...

Die omgewing is pragtig groen

Ons het hom saamgenooi, maar die nuwe trekker het werk gehad om te doen

Vir veiligheid en sigbaarheid skyn is die ligte aangeskakel

Hier word bietjie bene gerek 

Lekker ses silinder enjin

Die Jack Russel, Nguni, ry stroopsoet saam onder Henk se stiplek

Middagete langs die pad

Ons gaan NOU braai....

Lekker gesellig langs die vuur - dit is hier waar al die planne uitbroei

Opgepak om huis toe te gaan.  
Ook die ou kanniedood Paystar is pragtig restoureer.

Baie dankie aan Deon Conradie vir die reëlings en dat ons by sy plek kon braai.
Dankie ook aan Bertus Mouton wat ons op 'n mooi roete tussen die plase begelei het.
Dankie ook aan al die boere wat ons op hul grond toegelaat het.
Veral ook dankie aan al ons lede se betrokkenheid - sonder lede kan 'n klub nie bestaan nie.

Volgende jaar maak ons weer so.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Khomeesdrif to Greyton Vintage Run

We had so much fun camping at the West Cape Tractor & Engine Club Annual Show in Malmesbury recently that when another opportunity to camp, combined with a Vintage Road Run was suggested, it met with enthusiastic support!

The Road Run was organised by Canzius and Rykie Swart of Khomeesdrif Caravan and Camping Site, a few kilometres east of Riviersonderend, in collaboration with Edu Roux of the Villiersdorp Tractor & Engine Club, for Saturday 13th September. The central location was also convenient for members of the Bredasdorp Club, who turned out in force. It was unfortunate that the Breede River members were unable to attend. The occasion was organised as a fund-raiser for the Riviersonderend and Greyton NGK congregations.

Khomeesdrif is situated on the southern banks of the Riviersonderend and has about 30 stands and well appointed ablution facilities. There is one Chalet which was booked by the Committee of the Villiersdorp Club!

Loading facilities are on the farm next door, at a suitable height for an 8-ton lorry. Members started arriving and setting up on Friday afternoon.

 Most members had arrived by late Friday but more still turned up on Saturday morning. The route was to Greyton for lunch on the north bank of the river, via a breakfast stop at historic The Oaks farmstead and back on the south bank via Oewerzicht River Lodge for a refreshment stop. The full distance of the run was about 60km. Canzius rode out in front, followed by a tractor with rotating hazard lamp and the last tractor had a warning sign attached.

 Several of the tractors towed trailers with straw-bales and the two vintage lorries also had comfortable seating arrangements for passengers.

The picture above shows Eniel's Chev with passengers as we approached The Oaks, which in the last six years has been superbly and accurately restored and is now considered the most authentic Cape Dutch homestead, including encircling wall, outside the immediate Cape Town area. 

After breakfast...... we hardly needed any more feeding till supper time!

We were privileged to meet owner and restorer Gert Ehlers, who told us this farm is said to have been the first in South Africa to use a metal mouldboard plough! During the restoration, all plaster was removed from the buildings to find the exact positions and sizes of the original doors and windows, which were reinstated.

 This below is the original accommodation for the pack of hunting dogs:

..... and the Mill (right, below). Unfortunately there was no milling machinery and it wasn't possible to reinstate the mill stream. The building on the left was the first outpost of the Genadendal Moravian mission which predates the Homestead.

 Sleepy Greyton was waiting for us!

Lunch of lasagne and green salad was served in the Church Hall, after which we relaxed under the trees next to the church:

 We toured the village, looking at the cosy-looking houses, mostly weekend retreats of Capetonians. A Saturday morning market was just packing up as we arrived.

 The local taxi was doing good trade!

 After lunch we drove out of the village the way we came in and crossed to the southern bank of the river to drive leisurely back on a new route. Purple hillsides were striking!

 We drove along at a pace slower than the faster butterflies, much more slowly than a sheep-dog we watched hassling guineafowl, and leisurely enough to watch a pair of Spur-wing geese flying aerobatics. Whether this was in love or hate, I'm not sure, but these are huge birds, yet very agile in the air! There was time to observe the wild flowers along the road, but not much opportunity to photograph them!

 Mesembs (vygies) above, and Daisies (?) below on the rockface.

 As planned, we stopped at Oewerzicht, a very well appointed guest farm and tented camp, including a suspension bridge across the fast-flowing river, used for access to the tented camp on the other side.

On the way back, some of us stopped off at Het Ziekenhuis which I had read about in Burrows' Overberg Outspan. He describes it as small but I was expecting something more than an (active!) beehive!

 Back in camp we loaded tractors and rested, then cleaned up for the highlight, a spit-braai laid on by Canzius, Rykie and the Riviersonderend congregation, as their fundraiser. After a couple of speeches and a thanksgiving prayer, a huge meal was enjoyed around campfires. It didn't take much to get Delport, Bol and Jamie to bring out their instruments, the entertainment ended several hours later with a resounding Abide with Me!

 Further exploration was organised for Sunday morning, after church to Oubos. We couldn't wait so we went up in advance to the farm of a prominent Villiersdorper, recently deceased, whose vision was to return to his father's farm and develop 160ha of orchards in two years. He died after the first half had been done, his children have completed his dream. His father is said to have been unimpressed by the performance of his McCormick 10/20 and cultivator, so he hung it up in an Oak which has grown considerably since!

The orchards are planted on slopes where baboons need a walking stick! 12 (newer!) tractors and spray machines are needed to keep the trees pest and disease free!

The event was a huge success, with 26 vintage vehicles, including two classic cars, two lorries and a Jeep. The remaining tractors included a McCormick:

...two Lanzes, this one needing vigorous effort to start,

 .....the other starts electrically and makes wonderful smoke-rings

I think we certainly livened things up at Khomeesdrif and we hope their fundraisers were a success after all the effort which was put in, we certainly enjoyed the experience and hope to make it a regular event on our calendar! It looked as though the wives, girlfriends and children enjoyed the experience, some of the children only came in from swimming in time for dinner! It was great meeting and spending leisure time with them all :-)

Andy Selfe
14th September '14